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 No doubt about it, Mikron Digital Imaging-Midwest vice-president Michael Harvey asserts, Meridian Medical Systems’ new “Monarch UHD” DR flat panel imaging system represents “a completely different paradigm from what purchasers have considered in the past.”

The new system is Meridian’s Monarch Ultra High Definition (UHD) Universal Digital Imager (UDI) with Wireless Detector with Automatic Exposure Detection (AED). On February 2, 2015, the FDA announced that it had given Meridian clearance to market Monarch UHD for both pediatric and adult radiographic imaging. The extensive approval process included the Monarch UDI 2 and the Monarch UDI 2 with wireless/AED.

Mikron Digital Imaging-Midwest has been a Master Distributor for Meridian products since July 2012, including all products that bear the Meridian name.

At the time the agreement was concluded, Meridian President Larry Cornell noted that the agreement would free Meridian to focus on design and development of Digital Radiology solutions that are needed in the market. “This focus will lead to faster development and implementation of products and services.” Meridian’s Monarch UHD is one result of that agreement.

According to Harvey, the developmental process for digital x-ray is now in its fourth generation.

First there were x-ray and film systems. We called this “analog” equipment because it was purely film- and chemistry-based. Second there were analog x-ray machines with the addition of the first type of “digital” imaging called “computer radiography,” or CR for short. It was still two separate systems, though, with each system produced by a different manufacturer. Third there was “digital radiography,” or DR for short, where the x-ray manufacturers built digital x-ray detectors right into the x-ray system. This ‘integrated DR” provided a level of direct communication between the DR and the generator system.

And now, he says, “the paradigm has come full circle.” As a fourth-generation system, the Monarch UHD 4K tablet-based DR can be purchased separately from the analog x-ray system while still providing the integrated communication that was provided by the single manufacturer integrated DR system.

Simply use it with any analog mobile x-ray system or Radiographic/RF room and that system becomes digital immediately anytime anywhere there is an x-ray source, including in the original room, on a portable x-ray machine, in a Rad/Fluoro room, with a mobile in the OR, or for imaging premature infants in the NICU. If the DR Detector or computer system becomes outdated, the prices of DR equipment are only coming down.  Currently with manufacturers’ integrated systems, you have to replace the entire system, including components that are perfectly fine and would have lasted many years longer.

Harvey notes, “This is important as technology is now changing so rapidly, integrated systems are ‘outdated’ within just a few years, requiring the user to choose between spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace the entire system, or using outdated equipment that may take longer to service patients and often have inferior image quality.”

Monarch UHD’s software is approved to operate as a certified component when used with the Meridian Operators Console to control the x-ray generator and other acquisition and display parameters. The Monarch UHD is used with a 20″ (4K) acquisition console that features 3840 x 2560 display resolution (9.8mp), four times that of typical acquisition stations, creating images at resolution typically seen only on high-resolution diagnostic workstations. Its advanced software displays those images twice as fast as most other workstations. It is primarily noted for its advanced workflow features, mobility, image quality, and reliability.

Other features:

  • Monarch’s Imaging panels feature “Quad Cell Technology,” which includes direct CsI vapor deposit to increase both contrast and resolution, a reflective layer coating on the backside of the CsI that increases sensitivity by 1.8 times, and moisture-proof sealing for reliability and long life, all at the lowest dose possible.
  • Meridian’s “Surefire” automatic exposure detection (AED) senses the x-ray and automatically acquires the image without requiring a wired connection to the generator, enabling the Monarch UHD to be used on any new or existing x-ray-capable system.
  • The water-resistant design of the 20″ mobile tablet “operators’ console” enables it to withstand the near-constant wipe downs required to maintain infection control compliance.

One advantage of the new technology is lower price. According to Harvey, integrated (dual-panel) DR systems cost about $250K-$325K—single-panel systems are in the $175K-$200K price range; while typical analog x-ray systems cost roughly $85-90K. Meridian Monarch single-panel DR systems cost about $60K-$70K. Therefore, a complete x-ray room, with a single DR panel from Meridian, could cost as little as $145K.

Other advantages, besides flexibility and low cost:

  • Analog x-ray equipment can last 15 years or more.
  • Analog x-ray equipment hardly ever fails.
  • Analog x-ray equipment does not typically need a service agreement.
  • Analog x-ray equipment technology never becomes outdated.

“There have been no major changes in the method to generate x-ray since it was discovered. The last advance was High Frequency, sometime in the seventies-eighties. You don’t have to replace the x-ray-generating hardware in order to upgrade your existing x-ray room. In fact, we propose that only the outdated technology ever be replaced. Don’t replace a room at $200K-$300K; replace only the DR components at $60K-$70K.”

All of which is to say:

That’s why our new tablet-based system—with wireless Bluetooth communications (BLUEcom) to over 20 different x-ray generating systems, wireless connection to the x-ray detector and the hospital Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS), and wireless communication to the Radiology Information System (RIS)—makes Meridian Monarch UHD truly a one-of-a-kind value. Its one-of-a-kind features, and image quality and acquisition speeds will simply blow your socks off. To our knowledge, it is the only true FDA-approved 4K resolution system on the market.

Meridian Medical Systems provides digital radiographic solutions to the healthcare industry. The company has developed proprietary universal digital applications designed to supplement or convert installed analog x-ray systems to state-of-the-art digital flat-panel technology. The company also offers a complete digital radiographic and fluoroscopic product line. The company is located in Aurora, Ohio. For more information about Meridian Medical Systems, visit their website at, call 330-995-0371, or email

Mikron Digital Imaging-Midwest, Inc. is a regional provider of Next Generation-Leading Edge digital technology for the medical imaging community. In addition to Meridian Medical Systems, they are also distributors for Canon, Neusoft, and Riverain ClearView products. They are currently celebrating their 29th year of providing unequaled equipment and service solutions. For more information, contact Mike Harvey, Vice President of Mikron, at (800) 925-3905 or;