Digital Radiography Solution

This high-quality, manual positioning system is constructed of rugged aircraft aluminum, helping provide the high throughput needed in high-volume hospital imaging departments. Whether used in the trauma room or as a workhorse in the radiography room, its lightweight design helps reduce the physical demands placed on radiography technologists.

  • Designed to support an efficient and customizable workflow, providing a high degree of flexibility to accommodate the needs of patients and healthcare providers
  • Provides servo tracking to both the wall stand and table to provide precision positioning, with speed and effortless movements
  • Flexible table positioning adjusts for easy patient access and transfer, while providing a comfortable working level for healthcare professionals
  • Tube, vertical wall stand, and table all have extended range of motion for patient positioning
  • Tight integration with certain Canon CXDI digital detectors (sold separately)
  • Using the Canon Wireless Detector, X-ray images are delivered faster than conventional film or CR systems, helping to reduce wait times for staff and patients
Ceiling Tube Suspension

  • Motorized vertical column
  • Up to 69″ (1750 mm) vertical travel (depending on ceiling height)
  • Servo tracking wall stand and table
  • X-ray tube rotation (Alpha): -163° +182°
  • X-ray tube rotation (Beta): -163° +182°
  • Handle frame with brake release button

X-Ray Tube and Collimator

  • 400 kHu high-capacity tube
  • 0.6/1.2 mm focal spot
  • 12º target angle
  • Manual collimator with LED light field
  • Laser line field alignment
  • DAP Meter (optional)
  • Auto Collimation (optional)

X-Ray Generator

  • 50 kW/100-240 kHz high-frequency generator

Option (sold separately):

  • 65 kW
  • 80 kW

Vertical Wall Stand

  • Motorized and manual vertical column
  • 58″ (1470 mm) vertical travel
  • Lateral Armrest
  • Non-Tilting Wall Stand
  • Tilting Wall Stand (optional)

Elevating 6-Way Table

  • Patient load: 650 lb. (295 kg)
  • Motorized vertical travel: 21″ – 33″ (540-850 mm)
  • Longitudinal travel: ± 20″ (500 mm)
  • Lateral travel: ± 6″ (150 mm)
  • Tableside movement control
  • Vertical Collision Protection

Accessories (sold separately):

  • Lateral Detector Holder
  • Compression Belt
  • Foam Pads
  • Tabletop Mattress
  • Patient Handgrip

Other Options
Sold Separately

  • Handle Unit for certain Canon CXDI Wireless Digital Detectors*
  • Pedestal Table

* Please contact an authorized representative for more information.