Meridian Multi-Flex Freedom

Flexible Digital Radiology System
  • Freedom of Movement – A system that works around you, not you around it!
  • Freedom of Value – The best quality equipment, with exceptional TCO!
  • Freedom of Assembly – The exact equipment configuration for your exact purpose!
  • Freedom of Sharing – With Meridian’s DR packages, you can share anywhere!
  • Freedom from Worry – World Class products with over 125 years of research and experience!
  • Freedom from Export – All work guaranteed and provided by a local corporation!

Space is money. Intelligently designed, Multi-Flex Freedom fits virtually any existing X-ray room. You don’t have to consider expensive room modifications or other cost drivers. Fast and easy installation helps cut costs even further. And Meridian’s (optional) Digital Imaging system is designed for high performance in a very small space: one monitor, one mouse, one keyboard – that’s it.

Just choose the configuration that suits your clinical requirements and investment budget. You’ll benefit from low running costs throughout the entire life cycle, thanks to smart room utilization, low downtimes, and reduced training costs. At the same time, you can increase revenues. High throughput thanks to fast exams and high uptime, a positive reputation, and increased marketability is just one key factor. Multi-Flex Freedom also gives you investment security – with many options for upgrading and improving your system.


All-in-one table

The height-adjustable table has a free-floating tabletop to make life easier for your team and your patients. You can move it to the required position quickly and effortlessly, and lower it to 52 cm (21’’) for easy patient access. An impressive 190 cm (75’’) patient coverage ensures that patients can be examined from head to toe without repositioning. And with a weight capacity of 300 kg (660 lbs), it’s very robust. The table saves you time and effort and fits nearly all of your patients – the tall, the small, and the patients of size.

Intuitive touch control at your fingertips

You can operate Multi-Flex Freedom right at the tube, without having to leave the room. The intuitive color touch display allows you to set and change all key image parameters like kV or mAs. The user interface features color bars that clearly show when the system is ready – visible even from a distance. You can handle the display with one hand, so the other is free to comfort your patients.

Easy to position X-ray Tube

The robust tube is easy to operate: It can be moved smoothly and effortlessly, as it is mounted on an exceptionally strong ceiling stand. Thanks to an impressive vertical range of 180 cm (71’’), the tube can go all the way down to where your patient’s feet are. The x-ray tube will follow the wall stand position exactly and automatically thanks to our Chest Link(TM) Auto tracking.

Single-handed cassette loading

By the way, we,wanted you to know that our analog system version allows single-handed cassette loading! You need only one hand to load the cassette into the bucky tray, so you can always have one hand free for your patients comfort.


  • Polydoros Rad 80 kW Generator 300/400VAC
  • Polydoros Rad 65 kW Generator 300/400VAC
  • Complete Software Control from DR interface removes the need for a separate generator console
  • Other Generator power level configurations are available upon request


  • Radiographic table TC-CS with Stationary Removable Grid with Vertical kick switches
  • Table Top-Standard
  • Second set of foot control switches on rear side of table
  • Multiple Table Detector configurations are available as a digital upgrade to the base analog package


  • Ceiling Stand 3D V ACSS T
  • Ceiling Rails and Transverse bridge of various length and size to allow fitting into the most compact room possible
  • Completely enclosed cable hoses for a clean, neat appearance keeping all cables securely contained


  • Ray-14S_3F X-Ray Tube .6/1.2 350khu (Higher HU x-ray tubes are also available)
  • Automatic Vertical Tracking


  • Automatic or Manual Collimator
  • Automatic Dose reduction filters by APR control*
  • Touch Screen control of Generator and acquisition techniques


  • Available in Tilting, non tilting, left or right load Loading-Removable Stationary Grid
  • Tracking Unit for Chest Link(TM) Auto Vertical Tracking
  • Multiple Wall Stand Detector configurations are available as a digital upgrade to this package.

GRIDS (Removable)

  • Grid 12/40 F150 12:1 40LPC 150CM Focus
  • Grid 12/40 F180 12:1 40LPC 180CM Focus
  • Additional Grids in multiple distance and lp/mm configurations for various DR detectors are available.


  • Available with multiple DR configurations with sizes of 17”x17” wireless, 14”x17” wireless and 10”x12” wireless panels
  • Wireless Cesium Detectors provide the highest image quality possible at the lowest patient dose*.
  • Meridian DR can be fully integrated into the Multi-Flex Fusion Radiographic System.
  • Meridian offers accidental loss protection for all DR Detectors.

*Intelligent dose reduction
Multi-Flex Freedom offers many features to reduce patient dose. Copper filters  are defined by the anatomical (organ) program and help decrease skin dose. Easy grid removal helps minimize dose for all patients. The low-absorption tabletop material and the short distance between detector and work surface diminish patient dose, as well.