Radiography Equipment

Just choose the configuration that suits your clinical requirements and investment budget. You’ll benefit from low running costs throughout the entire life cycle, thanks to smart room utilization, low downtimes, and reduced training costs. At the same time, you can increase revenues. High throughput thanks to fast exams and high uptime, a positive reputation, and increased marketability is just one key factor. Multi-Flex Freedom also gives you investment security – with many options for upgrading and improving your system.

This high-quality, manual positioning system is constructed of rugged aircraft aluminum, helping provide the high throughput needed in high-volume hospital imaging departments. Whether used in the trauma room or as a workhorse in the radiography room, its lightweight design helps reduce the physical demands placed on radiography technologists.

This fully automatic positioning system is constructed of rugged aircraft aluminum and is designed to meet the challenges of high-volume hospital imaging departments and help create an efficient workflow to increase patient throughput. With advanced applications like auto-stitching, and a wide range of configurations, the RadPRO® OMNERA® 400A system can easily handle routine exams, as well as more demanding diagnostic imaging exams.

With a floor-mounted tube stand, 4-way float table, and chest stand, the RadPRO® FM Floor Mounted Radiography System offers a robust solution ideal for most applications. The freestanding tube stand requires no wall or ceiling supports for fast installation. Its high-speed generator and high-quality imaging system help reduce exposure time and improve productivity, making it ideal for demanding diagnostic imaging environments.

Perform exams with confidence with this modern, multi-purpose system designed for optimal radiographic results.  The RadPRO® Elite Overhead/Ceiling Mounted Radiography System helps achieve easy, efficient exams needed by today’s high-volume hospital imaging departments. Equipped with a high-frequency generator, elevating four-way float table, chest unit, and overhead X-ray support, it provides precision positioning with speed and effortless movements.

The RadPRO® URS Universal Radiography System offers features for fast, simple patient positioning.  The system’s U-arm design maintains constant alignment between the X-ray tube and image receptor, regardless of tilt position or image receptor angle. Designed for use in all general radiology applications, its superb flexibility makes it easy and cost-effective to install and use without compromising imaging capability.

The Stephanix DR/F is a remote controlled multifunctional R&F system with angle projections of 90 degrees vertically and -25 degrees (for trendelemburg) with variable table height. The system uses cutting edge technology in high resolution Direct Digital Acquisition systems, featuring Trixell flat panel detectors.