RadPRO® Mobile 40kW FLEX PLUS

Digital Portable X-ray System

This portable x-ray system incorporates a telescopic column for safe and easy transport and effortless positioning. Its small width makes it ideal for restricted spaces and corridors, while large wheels make mounting small steps easy. Perfect for hospitals, clinics, and universities, it offers mobility and power-saving advantages as well as an on board detector battery charger.

  • Counter-balanced telescopic tube column provides effortless positioning, without draining the battery
  • Lead crystal batteries retain power longer than acid batteries for less frequent recharging
  • Patented wireless distributed antennae system can increase wireless range 40% over single access point systems
  • Secondary drive controls on the collimator handles allow positioning without the need to return to the main console
  • Collimator features an LED bulb, laser alignment markers for SID accuracy, and selectable copper filtration
  • The battery sets charge through a standard power outlet and can be used while charging, avoiding downtime
  • Dual battery configuration allows for distributed power to the drive motors, as well as the generator
  • Integrates with choice of one or two Canon CXDI 401C/701C/801C wireless flat panel detectors


Counterbalanced Tube Arm

Tube arm reach 49.2 in (1,250 mm) Column rotation:
± 315°
Maximal SID to floor 80.7 in (2,050 mm)
Minimal SID to floor 21.6 in (550 mm)


Weight 1,312 lbs (595 kg)
Size (L x W x H) 53.54 in x 26.4 in x 77.9 in
(1,360 mm x 670 mm x 1,980 mm)
Touch screen console 17 in (430 mm) diagonal
Anti-collision system Frontal
Motorized unit Up to 4 km/h
Motor Drive (Standard) Two (2) independent drive motors,
one for each wheel (forward and reverse)


kW Rating 40 kW
kVp Range 40 to 150 kVp
mA Range 10 – 500 mA Selectable
Number of mA Stations 18
Exposure Time Range 0.001 – 10 sec
mAs Range 0.1 – 500 mAs
Generator Integration Yes, 3 PT technique
Battery Capacitor Battery / Capacitor
Anatomical Programs 500+ Anatomical settings
Line Requirements Single Phase Line Regulation
from 100 – 240 Vac (+/-10%)


Canon CXDI 401C/701C/801C wireless flat panel detectors
(Standard Components: Sensor unit, Battery charger, (2)
Batteries, AC/DC cable, X-ray interface unit, IR sensor unit)