Meridian COREview CSi DR

Hospital Quality Digital Imaging for Chiropractic Use

COREview CSi DR features a digital 14″ x 17″ LOW DOSE Cesium Imaging Panel by Toshiba with Quad Cell technology. Available in up to 4K viewing resolution, it works with all PACS Configurations, and is provided by Mikron Digital Imaging, a company with over 30 years experience in digital imaging.

A digital detector with over 7.5 million pixels gives a truer representation of radiographic images, and makes the COREview CSi DR digital control station a tool Chiropractic professionals can’t afford to be without.

Featuring a digital detector with over 7.5 million pixels for a truer representation of radiographic images, the COREview CSi DR digital control station is a tool chiropractic professionals can’t afford to be without. Utilizing our Exposure Target Index and Post Exposure Index Readout insures the operator acquires the radiographic information needed for the exam.

Meridian’s COREview CSi DR is designed to produce the highest quality images at the lowest dose possible. All Meridian COREview DR imaging panels feature our “Quad Cell” technology design which includes a thicker, direct deposited CsI vapor to increase both contrast and resolution, a reflective layer coating that increases sensitivity by 1.8 times and moisture proof sealing for reliability and long life. Taken together, Meridian COREview CSi DR with “Quad Cell” technology provides an overall design that ensures the lowest dose possible. This enables the COREview CSi DR to be used on any new or existing x-ray capable system.

COREview CSi DR not only provides better image quality than Gadilinoum (GOS/GAD) DR detectors, but does it at up to 50% lower patient dose. Higher efficiency cesium digital detectors are the perfect match for low kW generators typical for in-office x-ray machines.


  • Digital Flat Panel Detector & software package (Digital Radiographic Operators Console)
  • Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator + Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Photodiode
  • Effective Field of View Horizontal: 4260mm Vertical: 4260mm
  • 14” x 17” Field of view
  • Pixel Quantity: Horizontal = 2466 / Vertical = 3040
  • Pixel Pitch: 140um
  • MTF: 33% at 2 lp/mm
  • DQE >70%
  • Resolution: 3.4Lp/mm
  • Full 16 bit display resolution
  • DQE ~70%


  • 23” ALL IN ONE Touch Screen Monitor
  • i5 Desktop computer
  • 1.0 terabyte Hard Drive
  • 8gb Memory
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse


  • Complete Chiropractic Workstation and tool kit
  • Stitching package, for stitching multiple images
  • Mini Pacs
  • Archive Drives up to 5.0 terabyte each
  • Complete chiropractic radiographic systems