Pressura Proppant Crush Test Press

Digital Proppant Crush Test Press
  • Programming compliant to ISO 13503-2:2006 Section 11
  • Available in 30,000 PSI and 20,000 PSI (2″ Die)
  • Better than 1% Accuracy throughout the test cycle
  • Full color 1024×768 touch screen display for programming and controls
  • Hold up to 10 user-defined programs, create your own test processes!
  • Real-time PID pressure control for smooth controlled ramping of pressure
  • Limit switch on bridge for automatic safety pressure control
  • Smooth ramp to target pressure
  • Programmable Dwell at target pressure
  • Programmable Pressure let off
  • SD memory recall for pressure curve documentation
  • Operator level password control
  • Manager level password control
  • Doubles as XRF Press with Optional Pellet Mold
  • Pullout Reservoir – Motor and valve assembly
  • Removable oil reservoir drawer for serviceability
  • No need for a water cooling system
  • 200 pounds or less initial contact force due to low piston contact speed
  • Piston contact speed is about .06″ per second (versus competing systems at 75 inches per second)
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • Available in 30-ton and 50-ton versions*

*50 ton version requires external oil cooler