Meridian AMX 4 DR Retrofit

///Meridian AMX 4 DR Retrofit
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Meridian AMX 4 DR Retrofit

AMX 4 Mobile DR Retrofit

Finally an AMX 4 Flat Panel Retrofit that has everything you are looking for at an affordable price. The Meridian Monarch UHD 4K capable panel will breathe new life into any aging AMX system.

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Meridian Infusion X4: High-Performance AMX 4 Digital Radiographic Retrofit

  • Fully Integrated Generator Communications
  • Wireless FPD
  • Wireless to PACS
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery for DR Components
  • Easy to Install
  • High-Quality Images with Low Dose

Custom Built Computer

Large 18-inch full-screen viewing featuring the Meridian All-In-One computer/monitor with Touchscreen control featuring i7 Processor, 500 GB HD, 802.11 b/g/n, WLAN, RFID, and Bluetooth technology

GEN-COM Direct Communication

The only AMX 4 Retrofit utilizing GEN-COM direct communication between the AMX 4 generator and Meridian workstation allowing the display and control of technique and APR’s along with RIS Integration and KV/MAS displayed on screen and in the DICOM header

Safety Oriented

Fully integrated to insure all safety components remain in place. Extended safety bar prevents collimator from damaging viewing screen

Next-Generation Wireless Panel

World’s lightest Next-Generation wireless panel featuring multi-room use, auto registration, excellent image quality, and extended battery performance

Multiple Power Options

Advanced, long-lasting lithium iron battery supply for the All-in-One computer system and panel supply when the panel is tethered. Supply will last up to 10 hours and is independent of the AMX 4 batteries

Application Specific Circuitry

Advanced designed digital interface board allowing one point of contact control of X-ray generator parameters, RIS Integration, automatic APR’s, and generator status

Simple Interface Design

All-in-One Computer Control Center. Controls generator, panel communication, acquisition, display, quality assurance, image enhancement, DICOM modes, wireless transmission to PACS

Specifications available upon request.